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Even though DTL is a virtual organization, we have a clear organization model with roles for several different groups of people that defines how DTL and the DISC project are run inside this.


The organisation's day-to-day operations are led by the DTL director. For the two largest projects initially run by DISC, positions are reserved for the DISC architect, that is running the operations for the DISC project, and the LS Tech coordinator, that coordinates the life science technologies project. The Management Team of DTL (DTL MT) is completed with Sector Integrators, one for each life science sector. These are people that are delegated from their sector and have the mandate to represent their sector in DTL.

The DTL director is assisted in determining the route for DTL by the steering committee, a set of principle scientists from different organisations in the consortium. The DTL director is monitored by the council, which is appointed by the research directors of each of the partners in the organisation.


  • Sector Integrators
  • Technology integrators
  • Project leaders