Standard Operating Procedure

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Standard Operating Procedure BYOD


  • Contact Mascha Jansen ( if you are interested in organizing a BYOD
  • Define the driving (research) question, and think about what data owners & data experts need to be present
  • Discuss & allocate budget
  • Invite data owners & data experts
  • Set date
  • Book venue, hotel & catering
  • Register BYOD at the BYOD Wiki and at the beneficiary's communication channels
  • Plan & execute preparatory webinars, use the template on the wiki
  • Create OSF project (, invite participants, use eventbrite for registration


  • Execute the programme
  • Use the osf pages to document research questions and outcomes
  • Select someone to write an outcome report, and set due date for report
  • Store data in an open or closed repository

Follow up

  • Send outcome report to DTL and other beneficiaries
  • Store report
  • Plan and execute teleconferences to follow up after 2-3 and 6-8 weeks, to tackle any problems data owners might encounter.