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BYOD Reverse Planning

Action Responsible Deadline Result Comments
Define topic & draft documents D-60 Draft of the support document (wiki page), tentative program (wiki page), other required documents
Define cost and budget D-50 Costs and budget spreadsheet Secure funds
Advertise BYOD D-45
Invite participants (LD experts, data owners, domain experts) D-45 Doodle for tentative dates
Invite key stakeholders to "Opening" and "Closing" sessions Upon closing of Doodle
Schedule preparatory call with participants D-30 Doodle for tentative dates for the call
Preparatory call with participants D-15 Adjustments on the support document
BYOD D, D+1, D+2?
1st follow-up call D+15 Clarify any pending issues
2nd follow-up call D+45 Clarify any pending issues