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Coordination: Jaap Heringa (Head of Node, VU).

DTL is in de process of implementing ELIXIR-NL as the Dutch node in the European-wide ELIXIR framework. ELIXIR-NL activities are part of the DTL Data programme. Only international-grade bioinformatics resources (infrastructures, services or courses) are eligible to become adopted in the ELIXIR-NL portfolio. ELIXIR-NL has the following bioinformatics focal areas:

  • Standards & tooling for data interoperability and exchange
  • Compute and storage (e-)infrastructure services
  • Training & Education

These focal areas have been selected as topics in which the Netherlands bioinformatics community has a clear added value in the international programme of ELIXIR. This has been confirmed by the ELIXIR international Scientific Advisory Board.

To support the development of the ELIXIR-NL infrastructure, resources and services environment, ELIXIR-NL actively scouts for groups and organisations that provide excellent international-grade bioinformatics services. Please contact Rob Hooft for more information.

As a pan-European infrastructure for biological information, ELIXIR evolves towards a natural partner for major data-intensive life science programmes and infrastructures. ELIXIR-NL acts in close alignment with other ESFRI-related nodes in the Netherlands, such as BBMRI-NL, EATRIS-NL, NL-BioImaging AM and others. Please contact Morris Swertz or Jan-Willem Boiten for more information.


ELIXIR NL is the Dutch node in the European ESFRI ELIXIR, integrating expertise and projects with the growing amounts of data in the life sciences.

For more information on ELIXIR NL check out the pages on the DTL web site.

ELIXIR NL has an operational team, meeting every two weeks on Tuesday mornings 10:30-11:00 over Skype.

There is also a strategic team, meeting in principle monthly, and just before important international ELIXIR meetings.

ELIXIR-NL is involved in the H2020 Infradev-3 project EXCELERATE