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* We are making flyers for each of the [[offered services]]
* We are making flyers for each of the [[offered services]]
* We are identifying [[current actions of the DISC partners that we could already label DISC]]
=== Messaging DISC participants ===
=== Messaging DISC participants ===

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Latest news

If you want to make sure you're updated with the latest events:

  • check what happened in the setup and organization of DISC
  • check out the DISC Calendar shown below under Meetings and minutes

Information about us elsewhere

Probably this should be moved into this wiki

Information on this wiki

Some of the information on this wiki is in Dutch. We will be migrating towards English.

Organization and setup



Current actions

Messaging DISC participants

If you want to share/discuss something with the others involved in DISC, send a message to Femke Francissen

Meetings and minutes

As agenda:

And per event type:

  • The next DISC assembly/work package leader meeting is planned for: to be announced
  • The next DISC coordination team meeting is planned for: 7 February 2013
  • Minutes and presentations of previous DISC assembly meetings