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Data Stewardship is everything you need to do to make sure that optimal use can be made of the data that you measure or that comes out of your calculations.

NLeSC recommendation

The Netherlands eScienceCenter has made a recommendation about Data Stewardship to NWO, a Dutch governmental funding agency for science.

This document states 13 principles of data stewardship, which can be subdivided in a number of groups:

Disc Additions

Consequences for proposals

Important consequences of these principles for project proposals are:

  1. Projects will be required to describe how they will be doing their data stewardship, they should appoint one partner who is responsible
  2. For all the data that will be generated, it must be decided beforehand how long they need to be stored
  3. Data that is produced by projects funded by public money should become public, in a form that encourages re-use.
  4. Data must be citable, everyone is encouraged or even obliged to deposit data to appropriate repositories
  5. All publications must cite data sets, software, and data curators
  6. The budget should include the data processing steps: infrastructure and software as well as people

The quality of the proposed data stewardship plan will be one of the criteria to judge the grant proposals in a call. DTL can help you with this: we have a network of people that have experience with the different data stewardship questions, and we also have templates for the construction of a data stewardship plan.