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What is DTL's Data Programme?

DTL has a Data Programme, earlier called Data Integration and Stewardship Centre or DISC. This Data Programme organizes all the experts in the Netherlands that work on Data Management, also more broadly called data stewardship, in the Life Sciences. The Data programme assembles experts in computer and network infrastructure, mathematics and (bio-)statistics, all the way to *omics and data integration.

The DTL organization bridges the gap between the life sciences and the data experts. For this reason the Data programme has people that are working in the different life science domains. We currently work in Health Care Data, Agriculture and Livestock Data, Nutrition Data, and Industrial Biotechnology Data.

What is Data Stewardship?

Data Stewardship is what you need to do to make sure that the data you measure is used well. It prevents waste. More details are described in a separate page

What can DTL's Data Programme do for you?

See our page on the DTL Web site

Is this a national effort?

Yes, DTL and its Data programme are national efforts, but have international perspectives