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(Funding that has been arranged by DTL)
(Publicity through DTL)
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= Publicity through DTL =
= Publicity through DTL =
* Partner section of the DTL newsletter
* Job board for partner organisations
* Job board for partner organisations

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This page describes some of the accomplishments of the DTL programmes, to serve as an illustration of the effectiveness of our work methods.

People brought into contact with each other

  • (2014/03) Experts in imaging from EMC and the BioMedBridges project
  • (2016/01) Erik Schultes <---> Peter Horvatovich on Sequenomics
  • (2015) Coupled André Dekker's idea for a "Personal Health Train" to other DTL connections and set up a series of project initiatives around it involving FAIR data and BEACONS.
  • (2016/09) Peter Walgemoed <---> Christine Staiger on PIDs in Workflows.
  • (2016/12) ICT company <---> BBMRI Imaging experts

Projects brought into contact with each other

  • (2015/02) Slovenian initiative for Liver registry with European Liver Transplant Registry in Paris via EuroTransplant
  • (2015/02) Initiative for an -omics registry at AMC with TraIT
  • (2016/02) ELIXIR DK coupled to BBMRI FR for tools registries

Coupling people to experts they did not know existed

  • (2013/04) Brought people from Wageningen interested in setting up a local HPC cluster in contact with CIT in Groningen
  • (2014/12) Reported about Galaxy-projects in France on Rapeseed to Wageningen
  • (2014/12) Reported about CLI-mate to Maastricht (PathVisio) and IFB Galaxy (France)
  • (2014/12) Told our Metabolomics experts and COSMOS about IFB Galaxy metabolomics expertise.
  • (2015/10) Help a "Hogeschool" with the setup of a Galaxy server through expertise obtained in an UMC

Re-use of existing solutions

  • (2013/04) We alerted animal breeders of the existence of the human "diagnostic variant database", which could solve one of their issues with sharing genomic data.
  • (2014/03) Talking to the UMCU about their own developments of a research-directed image server; made them aware of existing software and the relation to existing deployments in TraIT
  • (2014/04) Different groups at VUmc, LUMC and UMCG are all interested in having a good (optical) network connection to the EGA at EBI; this is now a shared effort
  • (2014/04) Brought the idea from the "triple sequencing" done for Dutch human genomes, which makes it possible to go for shallower sequencing, to the animal breeding world. This may make it possible so sequence more individuals here too.
  • (2014/11) TraIT service desk is copying the format of the Project Leaders meeting for their Operators meetings.
  • (2017/03) TraIT service desk as possible solution for ELIXIR international service tickets


  • (2014/04) Helped a nutritional systems biology project write the data management part of their grant proposal, this came back without any questions
  • (2014/06) Made ELIXIR EU enthusiastic about the concept op BYOD (Bring your own data) meetings to work on (and teach) practical interoperability issues
  • (2014/xx) Advised a plant metabolomics project in Leiden where to go for their data stewardship (first level help: what can data stewardship do)
  • (2015/06) Company participation in Data Carpentry workshop results in new workshops and immediate industry output
  • (2016-2017) Several lectures and workshops on the use of the FAIR principles in Data Management Planning
  • (2017/06) Pointed a university looking into electronic lab journals to evaluations in University Hospitals.
  • (2017/07) Biodiversity group advised on technical aspects of their proposal. Pointed at earlier work in biobanking that could help.

Trainings /Courses that could only be set up in the DTL context

Workshops organized by DTL or with DTL

Conference participations

Funding that has been arranged by DTL

  • (2014-2016) Three enabling hotel calls totaling over 2 million euros of funding
  • (2017) Enabling hotel call 2017, with 1.5 million in funding and broader possibilities for academia as well as companies.
  • (2016-2019) Over 1 million for 7 Dutch partners in ELIXIR Excelerate.
  • ELIXIR implementation studies on different subjects

Publicity through DTL

  • Partner section of the DTL newsletter
  • Job board for partner organisations