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Four ‘Cancer Genomics Center’ datasets will be made completely FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). Domain experts will work side by side with linked/FAIR data experts to get hands-on experience with FAIRifying real-world datasets. Besides the different ways you can interact with your data after achieving a high level of ‘FAIRness’, more and more funding agencies are mandating proper data stewardship of research data. FAIR data will be a vital part to make the large volumes of data manageable.

We have selected four datasets (DNA-seq, RNA-seq, protein and phospho-protein) that will be processed during the workshop. The data is collected at different times and with different treatments and resulted in a paper that is in preparation.

The goal of the workshop is to see the advantages of real interoperability. After three days, we would like to test if it is possible to get the same results as were obtained when combining the datasets manually, by running just a few queries.

It is expected that since the adaptation of cross-omics experiments is growing, the need for connecting and functionally interlinking datasets increases. FAIRifying data will result in better (re)use of data, in the cancer genomics field and beyond.