What is ELIXIR EU?

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N.B.: Onderstaande info heb ik gedeeltelijk verwerkt in 'Organisation and governance' onder 'About DTL': https://www.dtls.nl/elixir-nl/about-elixir-nl/ Sommige dingen heb ik weggelaten omdat het wel heel specialistisch is.

ELIXIR is the European Research infrastructure (ESFRI) for Life Science Data. It is a virtual research infrastructure: it is not located in a single building, but it is distributed over all contributing countries. Each of the countries participating in ELIXIR has its own node, and each of these nodes is operating in its own way: some nodes are centralised in one place, other nodes (like ELIXIR-NL) are distributed over their own country. To bring all of this together, ELIXIR also has a Hub: a small coordinating office that is located at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Hinxton, UK, colocated with the Sanger Center and the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI). The EBI organisation is (currently the only) non-country partner in ELIXIR.

See also: http://elixir-europe.org/

ELIXIR Europe is not an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium), but it was defined as a project in the existing EMBL infrastructure. This construction makes it a little easier for countries that are members of EMBL to become a member of ELIXIR. This also allows participation of countries outside of the EU as full partners in ELIXIR.