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DISC was the Netherlands initiative to face the data challenge in the Life sciences. It became the Data part of DTL.

The acronym DISC stands for Data Integration and Stewardship Centre. DISC aimed to be a national, networked life sciences data support infrastructure. DISC never was an independently registered organization, but it was an initiative scanning for possible organisation forms for life science data in The Netherands. As of January 1st, 2012, the DISC initiative got the status of a ‘special project’ under the umbrella of DTL

One of the first things DISC did was define what ELIXIR could do in The Netherlands. But: the need for DISC did not start with ELIXIR. It arose from the next wave of ‘big data drivers’ that key life sciences technologies have caused. Organizing ourselves as 'enabling technology centers, and programmes needing these technologies, into an efficient organization is the logical next step of our existing collective efforts to face the data challenge in the Life Sciences.

What was the AIM of DISC?

The mission of DISC can be captured in four words: Make everyone’s data work

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