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1- The sharing of data is at the heart of all scholarly scientific research10- Expert level data-handlers will still be required to undertake the most complex data-driven research11- A “one-size-fits-all” approach to data-stewardship will prove too inflexible
12- Storing all data may not be necessary if easier to re-measure12- Storingalldatamaynotbenecessaryifeasiertore-measure13- Completing NWO project proposals should encourage researchers to ask themselves “What am I doing with my data?”
2- Data-driven research approaches are fundamental to all modern scientific disciplines and is a positive driver for change and discovery3- Data-storage, preservation and curation are fundamental to the scientific process4- Data-release improves quality
5- eInfrastructure (including hardware, software and personnel) is a crucial component of any capital investment in science6- Publicly funded data-generation is a public good and should be publicly accessible7- Interoperability of data formats enables data-driven research
8- Data-stewardship is a multi-stakeholder challenge9- Capacity to undertake data-driven research should increase throughout the scientific community
Agenda DISC Assembly meeting 24/1/2013Agenda DISC assembly meeting 2012/12Agenda DTL/SURF Programmers Meeting 2017/06/23
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Agenda DTL Programmers Meeting 2017/09/29Agriculture and Livestock Data
Arvados meeting on 2015-09-11Assembly Team
BYOD Meeting: ENSEMBL for ODEX4allBYOD Meeting: Handling of Metabolomics data in a service laboratory
BYOD Meeting: Human Data for EXCELERATE
BYOD Meeting: Rare Disease data for EXCELERATEBYOD Meeting: Text mining for ODEX4allBYOD meetings
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Focus Meeting: ImputationFocus Meeting: NGS data sharing and repository
Focus meeting:Retyping of EPD's for researchFocus meeting: Best practice using GRCh38
Focus meeting: Data repositories
Focus meeting: NGS production pipelinesFocus meeting: PseudonimizationFocus meeting: proteomics bioinformatics and colims
Focus meeting "Current status on FAIR developments"Focus meeting "DNA for collections"Focus meeting "Data Exchange for Observational Studies"
Focus meeting "Data management in Biological Collections"Focus meeting "Digital lab journal"Focus meeting "Electronic Data Capture"
Focus meeting "FAIR tools"Focus meeting "Fair data stewardship and Data management plans for DTL Hotel managers"Focus meeting "From reproducibility to reusability"
Focus meeting "HELP! I've been asked to run a data management service for my institute!"Focus meeting "Maintaining a Dutch Public Galaxy Server"
Focus meeting "Managing a data desk in an academic hospital"Focus meeting "NGS pipeline certification"Focus meeting "New sequencing technology"
Focus meeting "Presenting a use case for FAIR data"Focus meeting "Research workspaces in health reseach"Focus meeting "Scalability of image storage and processing"
Focus meeting "Separating research network in an Academic Hospital"Focus meeting "Setting up a bioinformatics support center"Focus meeting "Synergy in Biobanks"
Focus meeting "What every young researcher needs to know about data management"Focus meeting "What is a life science data expert?"Fortnightly Meeting of the Health-RI Data Team
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Green Hackathon 2015
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