NL activities in the ELIXIR Data Platform

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The NL node currently does not contribute any Dutch databases to the international community. It is planned that this will change in the future. This page contains a (potentially growing) list of valuable data resources that we could consider.

  • NTR: Dutch Twin Register (Amsterdam, Dorret Boomsma)
  • CBS KNAW: Fungal registry
  • LOVD: Leiden Open Variation Database (Leiden, Johan den Dunnen)
  • PDB_REDO: NKI, Robbie Joosten
  • Wikipathways, Chris Evelo

And potentially our installations of:

  • Phenotype Database
  • Molgenis

The NL node activities of the interoperability platform are aiming for more FAIR ELIXIR core resources. Collaborative meetings with data owners form an integral part of this effort.