ELIXIR-NL Operational Team

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The ELIXIR NL operational team coordinates the actions of ELIXIR in The Netherlands, including all projects where ELIXIR NL is represented in a significant way.

Currently an important project is the H2020 Infradev-3 project EXCELERATE, where The Netherlands is represented in several work packages.

Members of the team

  • Rob Hooft (DTL), Manager ELIXIR NL and ELIXIR NL Technical Coordinator
  • Celia van Gelder (DTL and RadboudUMC), ELIXIR NL Training coordinator and international co-lead of the ELIXIR Training platform
  • Luiz Olavo Bonino (DTL and VU), DTL CTO and coordinator of FAIR data interoperability developments.
  • Irene Nooren (SURFsara), liaison to the technical eInfrastructure organisations in The Netherlands
  • Katy Wolstencroft (LIACS), FAIRdom project
  • Edith Adriaanse (UMCG), Human Data use case of EXCELERATE
  • Richard Finkers (WUR / DLO): Plant Data use case of EXCELERATE
  • Marco Roos (LUMC): Rare disease use case of EXCELERATE
  • Mascha Jansen (DTL): Excecutive support
  • Chris Evelo (MU): Interoperability platform co-lead

Biweekly meetings

See: Biweekly meeting of the ELIXIR-NL operational team