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DTL has reserved a small sum of money to make sure ELIXIR NL can be represented in international meetings even if the DTL personnel can not personally attend.

If someone from the Dutch ELIXIR community wants to attend such an international meeting, they can ask whether they can make use of this travel fund. There are a number of restrictions on the use.

Total budget reserved

We have made an Initial allocation of 10k€


  • The person applying for the travel funding has an intrinsic motivation to visit the meeting. This is shown because they invest their own time
  • At the meeting, the representant represents ELIXIR-NL visibly and audibly
  • ELIXIR-NL has a good cause to be represented at the meeting
  • Only one person per meeting can be using this fund
  • It is not possible to ask for funding from this fund if another ELIXIR-NL representative will already be visiting the meeting.
  • This fund only can be used if there is no other money that could reasonably be used to attend the meeting.
  • This fund does not pay people who are partner in a project that contains money for ELIXIR travel.
  • Demands for funds should be placed before the trip takes place.
  • A report of the meeting and interactions/contacts is expected quickly after the meeting.
  • Final judgment call on eligibility is with the DTL office.


  • Reimbursement after the trip and report
  • Costs of a reasonable hotel night + economical travel tickets.
  • Be reasonable
  • Keep receipts and deliver with the declaration