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DTL organizes meetings about specific topics for which we identify a need in multiple locations or multiple sectors. We call these "Focus meetings" and they are organized on afternoons at either at a meeting location in Utrecht, or at another location chosen by the chair. The meetings are organized by one person in the center of the network of experts on that field. All focus meetings have similar programs containing a number of short presentations followed by a general discussion. After the meeting, the organizer (with help of the speakers and the attendees) writes a white paper with concrete conclusions and action items.

Upcoming topics


In planning

In thoughts

  • Streaming Data: consequences for networks, network capacity and new requirements for analysis (Ruben Kok, Peter Hinrich)
  • What every young researcher needs to know about data management (Celia van Gelder)
  • HELP! I've been asked to run a data management service for my institute! (Merlijn van Rijswijk)
  • DNA Data for Collections (Rob Hooft)
  • Outreach. Celia van Gelder and Hienke Sminia.
  • RNAseq downstream analysis. Lars Eijssen.
  • Managing a data desk in an academic hospital (Rob Hooft)
  • Organisatie van onderzoeksfaciliteiten (Alain van Gool / Merlijn van Rijswijk)
  • Financing models for data stewardship [Proposed ELIXIR NL 2015/4/10] (Ruben Kok)
  • Career perspectives for service directed data scientists (Ruben Kok)
  • Synergy in biobanks (Richard Finkers)
  • Role of Dataverse in FAIRPort (Luiz Olavo Bonino? together with DANS)
  • Challenges in Nutritional genomics data (Jildau Bouwman)
  • Practical considerations on data systems like tranSMART and Molgenis (Lars Eijssen)
  • DVD/CGD (Morris Swertz)
  • Catalog of existing data sets (Jildau Bouwman): Where to find data and samples, not only cohorts. Similar to Molgenis Catalog mixed with Phenotype Database.

...and any meeting topic that you would want to discuss, just mail Rob about it.

Past meetings

Organizational details

Page Template

Please copy the DTL Focus Meeting Page Template

Time plan

  • <T-4 months> Choose a meeting subject and a purpose. What would you want to get out?
  • <T-3 months> Determine a direction for the meeting. Discuss with some peers. What would you like to conclude.
  • <T-2 months> Announce on web site and mailing lists, open registration
  • <T-6 weeks> Program complete, re-invite on mailing lists, announce on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn
  • <T-2 weeks> last notification of people confirming their attendance
  • <T-1 week> notify Surf of the actual number of people.
  • <T-1 week> print badges for the meeting
  • <T +1 day> Start writing white paper, ask input from speakers, ask input from participants
  • <T+1 months> publish white paper or position paper on the DTL web site.
  • <T +++> Followup of action items and continued contact with most actively involved participants