Historic interest: Active and Proposed DISC Work Packages

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In this section we briefly summarize the ongoing activities in DISC. This is organized per work package.

Work packages

Some of the work packages are continuations of currently active Task Forces in the NBIC BioAssist programme. This mixed central and distributed programme has proven its value in recent years as an Open Innovation environment in which people (programmers, investigators, and other stakeholders) decided to actively participate without a formal governance structure and without financial incentives. This model appears to be very effective to deal with technical complexity and the inherent danger for ad hoc, non sustainable and redundant solutions to create such an Open Innovation environment in which groups and individuals can participate 'at will' and for as long as it serves a purpose. It was decided to carry over this proven model into DISC, but obviously, as DISC goes way beyond bioinformatics, a substantial widening of the scope of the model will be seen.

Read more about work packages: Work packages running projects together


We consider the following stages:

  • Proposed work package: an idea for a collaboration, looking for participants
  • Work package: a collaboration of field experts, looking for projects / use-cases to perform together and looking for money to execute these
  • Task Force: a collaboration between field experts actively working on projects in a certain domain

Summary Table

Work packages that have already active task forces are given in bold face; work packages that are proposed but do not yet have a formal plan are given in italics. For most of the work packages in this table, a short summary is given in the section below. More extensive descriptions of each of the work packages are currently being prepared, and will be added to the site later.

WP title State Authors
Statistical design & analysis Work Package Marco Bink, Jeanine Houwing
Preservation of data and method Work Package Marco Roos, Marco de Groot, Morris Swertz
Precision Breeding Work Package Richard Finkers, Remco Ursem
Translational research Work Package Jan-Willem Boiten, Jeroen Beliën
ICT for Future Medicine Work Package Hans Westerhoff
Systems biology Work Package Vítor Martins dos Santos, Bas Teusink, Lodewijk Wessels, Barbara Bakker, Bert Groen
Biobanking Task Force Morris Swertz
Proteomics Task Force Bas van Breukelen, Freek de Bruijn
Metabolomics Task Force Jildau Bouwman
Next Generation Sequencing Task Force Leon Mei
Applied bioinformatics and Short Term Engineering Task Force Marc van Driel
Semantic Interoperabiliy Task Force Barend Mons, Marco Roos, Paul Groth, Erik Schultes
Metagenomics Task Force Sacha van Hijum
LOVD Work Package Peter Taschner
Open Source software stewardship and Community building Proposed Kees van Bochove, Chris Evelo, Ben van Ommen
Training and Education Programme for Life Science Research & Technology Task Force Celia van Gelder, Jaap Heringa
Community building and Outreach Work Package Femke Francissen, Terry Vrijenhoek
Galaxy Proposed Leon Mei
Protein structure Proposed Gert Vriend/Rob Hooft
Organization and governance Proposed Irene Nooren/Bas van Breukelen/Rob Hooft
Hard Infrastructure Work Package Rob Hooft, Jeroen Beliën, Maurice Bouwhuis, René van Schaik

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