5- eInfrastructure (including hardware, software and personnel) is a crucial component of any capital investment in science

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This is one of thirteen recommendations for Data Stewardship as formulated by the Netherlands E-Science Centre.

The E-science centre writes

Funding new scientific endeavour, without sufficient focus on the information-technology systems needed to underpin these investments, results in technology islands and should be considered malpractice.

What DTL recommends for the Data Stewardship plan

Answer the following questions:

  • Who will be taking care of the required computing and networking infrastructure?
  • What commonly available resources will be used?
  • What infrastructure will need to be especially cratfted for the project?
  • How is the collaboration e-Infrastructure? Who will be granted access to the data during the project? Is there a data access committee?
  • How is the funding for data storage needs arranged for after the project ends?

Experience from DTL

  • D1 access during project-> data access procedure (see e.g. http://www.nlgenome.nl/?page_id=9)
  • D4 secure data access -> ssh/sftp server with public/private key authentication

Sector specific

Specific per technology