13- Completing NWO project proposals should encourage researchers to ask themselves “What am I doing with my data?”

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This is one of thirteen recommendations for Data Stewardship as formulated by the Netherlands E-Science Centre.

The E-science centre writes

All researchers should consider themselves to be data-stewards of their projects even if they do not have this formal responsibility

What DTL recommends for the Data Stewardship plan

Answer the following questions in your plan:

  • What kind of data will you be generating? How much of each?
  • Is any of that data (result, intermediate, or raw) potentially valuable for others?
  • Does any of the data need to be kept for people to be able to reproduce my results?
  • How open can this data be? Is it anonymous? Competition critical? Does a patent need to be filed before the data can be made public?

Experience from DTL

Sector specific

Specific per technology