10- Expert level data-handlers will still be required to undertake the most complex data-driven research

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This is one of thirteen recommendations for Data Stewardship as formulated by the Netherlands E-Science Centre.

The E-science centre writes

Despite mathematics being a prerequisite for all scientists, there remains a need for domain-experts able to drive forward advances in this field in the same way as eScience experts will be required to continue driving forward this scientific discipline.

What DTL recommends for the Data Stewardship plan

Answer the following questions:

  • Who will be responsible for verification of the statistics and other mathematics in the project?
  • What visualization techniques will be used? Are new developments needed?
  • Is a database expert involved in the project?
  • Will any new computer tools be generated? Are you making the best possible use of tools that are already (freely) available?
  • What software-development practice will be used? Will this be re-usable by others? Will others require this to access your data? How will the code be licensed/shared?
  • Who will make sure that software and data are versioned and reproducibility is guaranteed?

Experience from DTL

  • As much as possible make use of existing tools that are under development for other similar projects. Adopt if possible, adapt if needed. Only if you're sure you really need something new, make new tools altogether.

Sector specific

Specific per technology