1- The sharing of data is at the heart of all scholarly scientific research

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This is one of thirteen recommendations for Data Stewardship as formulated by the Netherlands E-Science Centre.

The E-science centre writes

The requirement for sharing data is not new to science, and has always underpinned the scientific process. Data-sharing is required to ensure reproducibility of results and for enabling cross-site and cross-disciplinary research. The emergence of the “Big-Data” challenge has however ensured that challenges in this respect, such as the legal and ethical problems involved in utilising citizen- sensitive data, become more acute. Data-sharing refers not only to data, but also to the technologies and materials needed to verify, replicate and interpret it.

What DTL recommends for the Data Stewardship plan

Answer the following questions:

  • Do the journals in which you will publish your data accept supplementary data?
  • Will supplementary data suffice for reproducibility?

Experience from DTL

Sector specific


  • D2 archiving of data beyond end of project -> deposit in dbGaP and EGA (after 1st publication)

Specific per technology