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    <allredirects arcontinue="Green_Hackathon_2015|185" />
      <r fromid="260" ns="0" title="BYOD Meeting: ENSEMBL for ODEX4all" />
      <r fromid="252" ns="0" title="BYOD Meeting: Handling of Metabolomics data in a service laboratory" />
      <r fromid="261" ns="0" title="BYOD Meeting: Patents for ODEX4all" />
      <r fromid="262" ns="0" title="BYOD Meeting: Text mining for ODEX4all" />
      <r fromid="223" ns="0" title="DTL accomplishments" />
      <r fromid="253" ns="0" title="Focus meeting: Maintaining a Dutch Public Galaxy Server" />
      <r fromid="254" ns="0" title="Focus meeting &quot;Maintaining a Dutch Public Galaxy Server&quot;" />
      <r fromid="163" ns="0" title="Focus meeting &quot;Managing a data desk in an academic hospital&quot;" />
      <r fromid="290" ns="0" title="Fortnightly Meeting of the Health-RI Data Team" />
      <r fromid="276" ns="0" title="Fortnightly Meeting of the Health Care Data Team" />